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Workforce@Arvin Coordinators:
Cell: 661-205-5338
Fax: 661-854-5943
Chris Kayes
Workforce@BHS Coordinators:
Cell: 661-204-6414
Fax: 661-324-3401
Jennifer Thompson
Workforce@East Coordinators:
Cell: 661-204-9785
Fax: 661-872-6980
Rosemary Silverman
Sunny Babbar
Director of Alternative Education
Office: 661-827-3156
Assistant Principal
Office: 661-827-3216
Fax: 661-396-2987
Workforce@South Coordinators:
Cell: 661-205-3467 
Fax: 661-837-2756
Irene Ramey
Susan Torczon
Workforce@West Coordinators:
Cell: 661-205-3755
Fax: 661-831-5606
Scott Davisson
Workforce@Foothill Coordinators:
Cell: 661-205-2879
Fax: 661-363-6223
Brett Selby
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