Complaint Procedures

The KHSD takes your concerns seriously and has provided these resources to assist you in determining how to file a complaint. The District encourages the early resolution of complaints at the school site level whenever possible. If a parent/guardian has a concern or wishes to make a complaint, she/he may contact the principal at their student's school. Please see the school directory for phone numbers of each school site. Alternatively, complaints may be sent directly to the District’s Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator:


Dean Juola 

Chief Communications Officer

Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator

5801 Sundale Avenue
Bakersfield, CA 93309
(661) 827-3173
[email protected]

If you have additional questions or are not satisfied with the resolution offered by the principal at your student’s school, please contact Dr. Debbie Thompson, Compliance Officer/Title IX Coordinator.