Registration and Enrollment

Workforce classes will offer an education program leading to a high school diploma. Late-afternoon and evening classes are held Monday through Thursday and on occasional Fridays. Students attend two three-hour-long classes per evening. The year consists of 5 total sessions. Students wishing to enroll in the program may do so at the start of a new session. 
Please contact the counselor or Dean at the home site if you are interested in enrolling in Workforce Academy for the upcoming session. The Dean at the home site may submit a recommendation on your behalf to Workforce Academy. 
  • Please click on the contact us page to call and make an appointment with the coordinator at your preferred Workforce site to enroll. Workforce welcomes you and your family and are committed to supporting you as you work toward earning your high school diploma.
  • Enrollment window for this session ends 4 business days after the date above.