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Learning Principles

Workforce Academy will use established methods of instruction currently in use by the district’s traditional high schools and continuation schools. The staff will also work on honing these approaches and infusing technology into them along the lines of the following principles:

  • Learning should be an active process that demands full student participation and pedagogically valid work.  Students need to make choices, accept responsibility, and become self-directed.
  • Learning should be goal-oriented and connected to the real world, so that students understand the applications of what they learn in school to their outside lives and communities.
  • Learning should be measurable, diagnostic, and reflective; providing continuous feedback to students and parents. It should encourage students and train them in self-evaluation. Assessments should be used as a tool to develop better teaching and learning strategies.
  • More students than ever before need to be educated to higher levels so that they can compete successfully in the increasingly technological job market and participate in our democratic system. Schools must prepare students who know how to gather, organize, and analyze information and then apply it to solving a problem.  Industry expects graduates who can work collaboratively with others in this arena.